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SmartPure® Salt Sanitizer - Replacement Cells

$ 825.00

Replacement SmartPure® Salt Sanitizer 20/40 Replacement for Turbo Cell-5/15 for Aqua Rite, Aqua Logic, Pro Logic, and Omni Logic

Keep Your Chlorine Generator Working Efficiently and Effectively

  • 20,000 gallon (also fits Hayward Aquarite AQR3) (increases T3Cell to 20,000 gallon)
  • 40,000 gallon (also fits Hayward Aquarite AQR940/AQR900/AQR15)

    The SmartPure® Sanitizer II 20/40 replacement cell will also replace T-Cell-15 Aqua Rite 20,000 / 40,000 Gallon, Aqua Rite XL, Aqua Plus, and Aqua Logic models to keep generating fresh, pure chlorine to meet your pools sanitization needs.

    The SmartPure® Sanitizer II 20/40 can be installed vertically or horizontally in the pipe return pipe to the pool. Whenever the filter pump is operating, the Turbo Cell will be converting a low concentration of salt in the pool water into chlorine which is then evenly dispersed throughout the pool via the return jets. It couldn't be easier, more effective or trouble free.

    Union connections (2") for easy installation. Use standard plumbing adaptors for 1½ " pipe; 50 mm unions also available. Model SmartPure® Sanitizer II 20/40 has fittings for both hose and return jet connections.

    Cord with plug at the control end ensures that all electrical connections are protected from getting wet.

    Standard cable length is 15 ft. (4.5m); cells with 25 ft. (7.6m) cables are also available.

    Large diameter minimizes flow restrictions. Can be used on high flow systems required for in-floor cleaning or water features without the need for a bypass. See chart for flow vs. pressure drop curve (as tested by NSF).

    The SmartPure® Sanitizer II 20/40 offset design creates a turbulent flow pattern that maximizes the self-cleaning performance.

    SmartPure® Sanitizer II 40 for Aqua Rite T-Cell-15 40,000 Gallon, Aqua Rite XL, Aqua Plus, and Aqua Logic generates up 1.45 lb. (.66 Kg) of chlorine.

    SmartPure® Sanitizer II  20 for Aqua Rite T-Cell-5 20,000 Gallon generates up to .87 lb. (.40 Kg) of chlorine.

    Maintenance Tips and Information for SmartPure® Sanitizer II

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